Soul Inspiration Divination

Spiritual Guidance Designed to Provide You With Clarity, Confidence and Practical Strategy to Move Forward on Your Path

Feeling frustrated, blocked or overwhelmed on your path in some way?

Uncertain about what to do or how to start from where you are at presently?

Not only does Soul Inspiration Divination quickly offer clarity, it shines a clear light on where you have been stuck, confused or hindered, providing insight about current circumstances and especially, deeper understanding about oneself.

Soul Inspiration Divination accelerates the process of self-realisation because it allows you to take an active role in your own growth for deeper awakening (recognising what you were previously unaware of) for a viewpoint beyond your own private perceptions.

This helps you to apply your mind to your emotions in order to make sense of what you are intuitively sensing so that you can take the most aligned action with your soul and truth possible in this consensus reality.

Divination in no way tells you what to do.

Energy readings with me in no way foretell your future.

All counsel provided is conveyed with empathy, compassion and respect
from a neutral perspective in utmost confidentiality.

Like stars in the night sky, oracles don’t give you direct answers, they provide clarity and guidance to facilitate your pathway toward the answer you already know innately.

This reading reveals guidance and inspiration specifically about where you are presently on your path, as well as clear guidelines for your next steps so that you know where to place your focus to move forward, or attain greater fulfilment.

How It Works

Upon completion of payment, PayPal will direct you to an online form to send me your details to connect with your energy and the focus for your reading.

In sacred space, through the Source of All That Is, I connect with your higher self and delineated spirit guardians while shuffling in an intent manner.

Then, I use the oracle to cut through the fog and reveal how to unblock what is impeding your flow and build confidence in your own creative abilities to bring through expressing your unique inner light in harmony with Source energy at this time.

Afterwards, I meditate on the messages that came through, which leads to a "cosmic download" where I proceed to type out your report to support you in integrating the spiritual guidance as you reflect on it and live it out in this world.

I look forward to receiving your question and connecting with you! 

Soul Inspiration Divination

The deck and/or spread depicted may vary.

What You Receive

➜ Approximately 1,000 to 1,500 word PDF file - Revealing greater perspective about where you are presently on your path. Includes a photo of the cards drawn.

Delivered via email to you within 3-5 working days depending on availability.

➜ My aim is to be truthful and direct so you move from a feeling of uncertainty to greater confidence in your own wisdom and strength, trusting in the unseen field of intelligence.

➜ While I take standard card meanings into account, often I am often intuitively guided by the archetypal symbolism and your unique energy adding depth and power to the interpretation at the time of your session.

By booking a divinatory session you are agreeing to my policy and code of ethics available for review here. If you have any questions not already answered on this page, please contact me.

Soul Inspiration

Spiritual Guidance PDF

$50 USD

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Hear it from other Happy Patrons…

“I’ve been feeling a bit funky the last week or so.  Not sure if it was the season, just some things coming up as I work through them, perhaps some ebb and flow too.  So much energy right now around new beginnings.

Several things jumped out at me from your reading, especially the reminder to enjoy the process because nothing is wrong. This made me smile with recognition and comfort. Again, thank you so much.” ~ Jody, Toronto, Canada

“A heartfelt gratitude to the goddess that has given this amazing direction for me to help myself. I’ve learned so much from this one e-mail of yours, I will surely apply your suggestions!

Thank you so very much. I’m so relieved to know that you were able to pick up on my energy because that is exactly how I feel. Love ‘n Light in the highest.” ~ Mona, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

“I am amazed at how you told me things that will come to pass so accurately. I have a very good friend who read for me on the Friday before you sent me yours and they absolutely mirror one another. Now I have to get my A into G and start.” ~ Judy, Gauteng, South Africa

“It really helped me to reflect and rethink the bigger picture as sometimes we get so bogged down by the daily grind!

I was a bit offbeat for a few days after I performed the ritual, but today something happened that brought a brand new opportunity I don’t think I would have considered before.” ~ Mary, Cape Town, South Africa

“The reading was very helpful. I have gained such insight and clarity from your words and you validated me in such a huge way because it helped me to understand what I’ve been hearing from my guides.

With the message I got such a boost of confidence and I have a renewed sense of purpose.”  ~ Jessica, Waikato, New Zealand

Soul Inspiration

Spiritual Guidance PDF

$50 USD

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Click the Paypal button below. You will receive confirmation of payment in a matter of moments.