How to Create Deeper Spiritual Connection |

There is a common misconception many would-be Magick Makers have about creating a life they love to live…

And that is falling into the mental trappings of magical thinking — not magical being.

Positive thinking alone encourages inertia.

It is actually a form of denial because you are saying something to yourself with no feeling, no heartfelt belief or emotional support and pretending that everything will fall into your lap without actively doing anything. Often what is required is action.


When I say action I don’t mean getting caught up in common law of attraction techniques and driving them home to the point of exhaustion, neither do I mean running around trying to force things to happen.

What I am referring to is living your desired reality out as you wish it to be as much as possible before it is.


It’s the kind of action you consistently repeat until it becomes a habit.


Then you become so accustomed to it that you wouldn’t be any other way and find yourself in the very space you set out for, effortlessly.


7 Principles to Live by for Creating the Spiritual Connection You Want


1. Get very clear on how you want to feel when you “arrive” in your dream life. Then practice feeling that way now at least a few times a day until that feeling becomes your governing emotional state. At first you may only be able to sustain it for a little while then gradually it will linger longer.

When you consciously integrate happiness and wholeness into your dominant pattern of behaviour you want and need less which dissolves all self-imposed barriers to fulfilment in the face of self-acceptance.


2. What thoughts and emotions (feelings, attitudes and moods) keep cropping up in your life right now that don’t match this state of being? How can you shift your perspective with each one to turn it into a better flowing thought that matches where you want to be?

Literally pause your train of thought to examine what you just thought or said and how you can rephrase it. Then repeat it as preferred (in your mind or out loud). Essentially you are re-programming your neural pathways, turning lead into gold.


3. Get present in your body. Can you sense your cells pulsing? Do you acknowledge your role as an energy master learning how to manage human emotions?

Inhale and feel the air swirling in your lungs, open your heart and feel it bathing in a warm shimmering joyful light that stokes the fire in your core. Let this energy circulate throughout your body and imagine your cells illuminating. Imagine infinite love and light codes showering upon you, activating ancient wisdom within you.


4. Extend your awareness into fluid Oneness. Feel the pulse of the cosmos around and within you, permeating every fibre of your being, stirring deep in your DNA and molecular structure.

Deliberately connect with the life force that flows around you and through you without end. Remember who you are, drawing in your original substance. Sit in simple peace with your Self.


5. Expand your being to encompass and sustain more. Examine the areas in your life in which you want to feel better and create bigger.

Write your intentions and what you envision down if you wish. Then expand on that by deciding as to what one thing you can do today that will visibly signal your desire for transformation to All That Is. (It must be something that would be evident to an outsider observing you).


6. If there is no separation then everyone and everything is an extension of you. See yourself in another and respond from this personal reflection to the collective.

Carry this point of view as often as possible throughout your day in your interactions with others and ask your Spirit Helpers (or your preference) to draw your awareness to how you can instil kindness, laughter, love or hope in another’s life today.


7. You are timeless. Pure potential exists in a time without time in a place without a place. You are only who you were yesterday if you choose to be. You face the same challenges tomorrow as you did today only if you choose to approach them in the same way.

In every moment you possess the power to imagine the impossible into the possible. Let your only measure for success be your willingness to extract beauty and appreciation from at least one experience each day.


Some days will feel like a mistake. Some days will feel heavenly. It’s all part of the human condition.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is that you can have all the knowledge and mental capacity to comprehend what you have learnt and neglect to practise it. Wisdom is when you implement your knowledge in your daily path relentlessly. Not with the aim to arrive but because you have already arrived.

The effects of magick are subtle; it reshapes your world by manifesting in such a way that it appears ordinary to the unaware. You are the impetus. How will you wield yourself today?


Power Mantra:

I’m ready to surrender all the things I’m not.

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