Higher Self

A simple step-by-step formula (plus practical examples) to bring more stability, clarity and positive impact into your life. Each time you connect to Earth, Source and your higher self more deeply and revitalise your energy.

What is Grounding?

Anchor your pillar of light into the Earth to have more energy and feel more secure.

Grounding is the process where you consciously clear and reinforce your connection with the life force energy that constantly courses through you and root it firmly into the Earth.

You are a conduit and your body is a vessel, in this way you conduct a greater volume and higher frequency of energy with more ease, ensure a consistent replenishment of life force and exude a more powerful, focussed charge.

Your body is a vessel and in order for you to conduct energy optimally you need to ensure that your channel is clear. Grounding raises your vibration so you have a clearer connection to soul and Source.


How to Ground Your Energy

1) Imagine a diamond-like light originating directly from Source energy, entering your crown chakra and travelling downward through all your chakras, down your legs and out from the soles of your feet into the ground, penetrating deep into the Earth’s core.

2) Pull that energy back up through the soles of your feet, up your legs through your base chakra, upward and out the crown chakra. Project this light energy out into space, connecting with our sun, extending it further out to the Grand Central Sun (in the Milky Way) and beyond, connecting with Source.

3) Next, bring the energy back down, drawing it through your crown again and flowing it back into the earth again.

You are now effectively “plugged in” and grounded which means that magic now flows around you and through you with more ease and permeates everything you come into contact with and set intentions for ~ glistening off every thought, emotion, word and deed.


When Do You Ground?

➜ Every morning upon waking, either lying flat on your back, sitting with your feet on the ground or standing with feet slightly apart.

➜ Before meditation/quiet time in front of your altar.

➜ Prior to prayer, ritual or spell work (before centering and shielding (scroll down for more on this)

➜ As you align with crystalline energy to build or charge your crystal grid


Additional Ideas to Help You Remain Grounded Throughout the Day:

• Place a Himalayan salt lamp where you spend most of your time

• Carry or wear a piece of black tourmaline, smoky quartz or petrified wood

• Drip one or 2 drops of patchouli or geranium essential oil onto a cotton ball and place it in a tight-sealing glass jar, then remove the lid and inhale gently. Refresh as required.


Power Mantra:

Firmly rooted in who I am and securely held within the heart of Source.


What Is Centering?

Center your Self to have more clarity, focus and receptivity to divine messages.

The act of centering realigns body, mind and soul and allows you to function at an optimal level.

Awareness, inspiration, creativity, productivity and intuition are all heightened.

You make better decisions from this state because you are more aware of all your aspects of Self and respond in kind. Your intentions are clearer, your will more resolute and your actions sharper.

Centering is a momentary pause you consciously take to realign with your core self, check in with your body and ensure that you are receptive to energy flow.

Predominantly this is done to bring yourself into the present moment and clear away any emotional residue (yours or others you have interacted with consciously or subconsciously).

Centering allows the heart and mind to open to your inherent wisdom and uncover more of your multidimensional abilities.


How Do You Center?

Ground (per above steps) and then pull the Earthly energy up through soles of feet travelling through your legs up into your heart space, then draw on Source energy entering your crown from above and guide it downward to fuse the earthly and celestial energy within your heart.


When Do You Center?

➜ Every morning after grounding

➜ Before ritual, spell or altar work and shielding

➜ Prior to meeting and interacting with others

➜ After meeting and interacting with others


Additional Ideas to Help You Stay in Your Centre Throughout the Day

• Place a mandala where you spend most of your time so that you can gaze at it while you are thinking or when you need to take mental breaks

• Carry or wear a piece of rose quartz, green aventurine or watermelon tourmaline

• Drip one or 2 drops of benzoin, rose or vetiver essential oil onto a cotton ball and place it in a tight-sealing glass jar, then remove the lid and inhale gently. Refresh as required.


Power Mantra:

When I engage life from my heart everything flows with more ease.


What Is Shielding?

Shield your energy to filter out low vibes and embody your higher self more fully while positively impacting all whom you encounter.

Shielding is the process whereby you seal off your energy field from lower vibrations and subliminal interference.

This is not restrictive in the sense that it curbs your awareness or perception neither does it stunt your spiritual growth. You don’t “miss out” on anything.

You just eliminate the effect of things that do not serve your highest good. Essentially shielding increases your ability to draw people and opportunities who resonate with you into your energy field.

It acts very much the same way as an e-mail spam filter.

It doesn’t come into your immediate experience (inbox) howeverYou can look at it if you want to (spam folder) and decide how you will respond (delete or mark as not spam). Nothing unsolicited may enter your space.

This in turn allows you to expend your energy on the things that matter and benefits not only your wellbeing but those influenced by your deeds as well.

Shielding is not done from fear of harm. It helps you move through life with more ease and grace because it preserves your connection with Source and the Earth to better access the depths of body, mind, heart and soul.


How Do You Shield?

1) Imagine or sense a bubble of diamond-like light surrounding you from head to toe ~ if you prefer a light, shimmering net of interconnected triangles that descends upon and encapsulates you.

2) Affirm either out loud or telepathically, “Each breath I take in and release strengthens this sanctum for me, generating more life force around and within me.”

3) You may also wish to take this opportunity to call upon your Spirit Helpers to guide, motivate and support you.


When Do You Shield?

➜ Every morning after grounding and centering

➜ Every night before sleep

➜ Before meditation, ritual, altar and spell work

➜ When you enter a place that you feel uncomfortable in

➜ If you meet someone who just doesn’t sit well with you


Additional Ideas to Help You Preserve Your Shield Throughout the Day

• Carry or wear a piece of haematite, gold tiger’s eye or rutilated quartz

• Install an energy funnel at your home and office’s door to literally vacuum the negativity or any other ick out of another person’s aura and send it into the ground for neutralisation.

• Make an atomiser with essential oils or infusions of either rosemary, pine or fennel to spritz around your space.


Power Mantra:

Aligned with collective harmony and mightily protected.


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