Mars Retrograde |

Why Mars retrograde energy can be the source of tension and anger and how to make the most of it.

About Planetary Retrogrades

When a planet is closest to Earth in its orbit around the Sun, it looks like it slows down, turns around and travels backwards, appearing to come back closer to the Earth.

This is an optical illusion due to our relative orbit around the Sun. It is a bit like travelling on the highway and watching the trees on the road alongside you. As you pass them, it seems like the trees are moving backwards.


Apparent retrograde motion occurs when Earth passes slower moving planets further out in orbit. This takes a series of seconds in the sky but from our point of view on Earth, one second is approximately one week in Earth time.

Before a planet appears to retrograde, it is at its furthest point from the Earth in its orbit around the Sun. During the Earth’s passing of the planet, the planet will align with the Earth and Sun and be at its closest point to the Earth so it looks larger in the night sky.


Retrogrades affect us on Earth, because the energy of a retrograde planet “feels” different. Since it appears closer to us than usual, its energy associated with its area of influence is amplified.

A planet’s retrograde energy tends to hinder the areas its energy governs. While it can be frustrating because it seems like you are taking one step forward and then two backward, a retrograde period is a natural cycle, just like the turning of the seasons and the phases of the moon.


It provides a period of time for us to become aware of new possibilities or perhaps shift perspective so that we can make better conscious choices and take more aligned actions.

Ancient astrologers described a retrograde planet as being in “meditation” which is a great analogy because things within its sphere of influence are suspended while energies are brewing that will bring greater clarity.


They also said that the energy of a retrograde planet is five times more powerful for incurring change due to its close proximity to Earth and while making adjustments may be experienced as three times more difficult, you will experience three times the results if you put the required effort in during this phase.

This means some discomfort and keen self-awareness in the respective life area the planet correlates with, but it also means long-lasting change and increased productivity.


A retrograde cycle starts when the planet begins to slow to a halt before travelling “backwards” and ends when the planet returns to the point where it first paused, i.e. stations direct.

The energies of celestial bodies are not only reflected in our daily lives and the workings of our consciousness, but also shed light on patterns of social behaviour around us.


Retrogrades serve us by giving us a “wake-up” call so that we can consciously evaluate the patterns of our actions, desires and underlying motivations associated with the planet in question’s domain.

Complications tend to arise, as well as unexpected twists. For in-depth analyses of these retrograde energies and how they affect you personally, you may want to procure the services of a professional astrologer.


Obviously, life cannot come to a halt because of a planetary retrograde. However, you can prepare for it, schedule around these dates where possible when mapping your year. Try to anticipate where problems are likely to occur and plan for dealing with them in advance.


About Mars Retrograde

Mars the planet of physical energy and expression, action and assertion, motivation based on self-interests, sexuality and anger is retrograde now until November 13th 2020.

This time can feel like driving with the hand brake on. Energy is low; we become irritated and frustrated because nothing seems to be progressing.

Thus, old resentments resurface, people spew their venom all over social media, riots develop, (yes, more) and so on…


Under a Mars retrograde it is unfavourable to; make new starts, undergo elective surgery or attempt to force matters. Essentially one does not go to war during Mars retro.

The one who strikes first, loses. That means don’t start a battle, but feel free to unabashedly defend yourself after attack since the odds will be in your favour.


What Is a 21st Century Mystic To Do?

You are invited to show your inner light to the world as your attention is drawn to the infinite nature of reality. Anything is possible in any moment.

Tune into your solar plexus and your inherent power of discernment when everything external or overt is at best, unreliable. That is how you maintain balance (anchor higher frequencies, hold space, shine light etcetera) amid chaos. That’s real staying power.


Mars turns retrograde every 26 months for approximately 9-10 weeks. It is time to re-think and develop new strategies and approaches for dealing with “issues” and moving ahead. You may be required to draw on your strengths to assert yourself in some area where you’ve been reserved, cautious or otherwise relatively inexperienced.

So don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in a project, interest or goal. Give it your full presence (while being gentle with yourself and knowing your limits) and you may find a puzzle piece that has been missing so that you resurface with renewed energy and/or perspective when it’s time to move forward!


Cultivate patience, build strength, conserve energy and identify what you need to let go of to make space to embody more of your personal truth.

If someone is inhibiting your ability to hear your inner guidance or undermining your inner authority, consider taking a break and giving yourself space away from them. Know what you can handle and set terms for what you will (and won’t) engage with. Set boundaries for what exceeds your personal limits.


We are entering a transitional phase where you may appreciate some things in your life even more deeply, need to release emotional blockages in your energy, and generally surrender to “chopping wood and fetching water” as you reset your energy ~ body, mind, heart and soul.

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.