Let's face it. When it comes to getting support to enhance your cosmic connection, there’s no shortage of books, podcasts or seminars about spiritual growth. You've got a lot of options from big name authors to your local metaphysical hangout.

The only problem? They inspire you with possibilities, firing you up, only for the spiritual high to fade when you return to usual life. Then you repeat the cycle, searching for the next thing that will temporarily appease your spiritual thirst.

Or, it vacillates between vague and complex which has you more confused or overwhelmed than before.

Or worse yet, you get stuck in research mode, never moving from theory to application so you can start to experience results.

After helping light seekers accelerate their cosmic connection since 2006, I know this for sure:

You can be deeply spiritual yet rooted in reality, drawing upon your imagination and intuition to be more effective in this world.

It’s an experience that will alter your way of being for the rest of your life.

I work with spiritually aware people who want to implement what they already know on a practical level so their true interdimensional nature can bloom in this world.

With over two decades of spiritual practice, I am able to deliver specific, quality guidance and customised support that gets you results.

Ways you and I can work together:

Light, Beauty & Magic

A 30-day intensive for developing your conscious connection to spiritual intelligence so you can enhance your intuitive, creative nature for more calm and flow.


A 1:1 mentoring retainer for ongoing personalised support to sustain yourself with divine energy so you can follow your path and nourish creative projects.

Allow the kind words I have received from other people I have worked with to speak for me...

Another Happy Client! |

Wow, I wasn’t expecting the experience to be so clear, powerful and intense…

This is probably one of the wisest investments I’ve made, not only for financial success but for life success; letting go of old paradigms of control and trusting my inner guidance and true-to-self soul inspirations.

After I read your description on the registration page, I immediately burst into tears and knew this was something I needed. To confirm that, I pulled a Tarot card and it was the Ace of Pentacles. Not only was this a clear green light, this is when I realized that it would be more of an investment in myself than a sacrifice. 

Last night I did my ritual beside my beautiful altar. There are no words to describe the depth and intensity of this soul moment so I’m not even going to try.

I decided to work with you because you possess a clear mark of consistent, concise and practical insight from higher realms. I also sense a deeper soul connection with your supportive truths than I do with others’. They make me feel like I finally found my way back home.

Elizabeth, Washington, USA |

Another Happy Client! |

I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of magic, ritual, and spells, but I wouldn’t allow myself to go there because… I think I had this misguided notion that I would have needed to be born into some genetic bloodline of magic.

My inner world began to shift immediately. I began to feel a deepening awareness and palpable connection to the energy I’m made of – that we’re “all” made of. I’ve begun feeling the presence of my guides, Spirit Helpers, and the Elements in a way that, before, was mostly intellectual. 

The best part is I’m “feeling” that support! My dream world has come to life and is filled with meaning and symbolism. Or perhaps it’s that I’m so much more aware of it and that it does have meaning. I’ve begun to honour subtle inner promptings – to trust myself. 

This has been a deep and moving experience. But most of all, it’s been SO much FUN! I have loved every minute of it!  

The most important thing people should know is that over the course of a few days or weeks, you’ll realize you’re becoming more grounded in a new way of being or that you’ve gone through challenges that have moved you forward in some way. 

I’ve found that things have been happening so naturally that I realize, ‘Hey, this is new for me!’, or that I’m experiencing movement in areas that have been stagnant for a very long while.

Brenda Pringle, Ontario, Canada

Another Happy Client! |

Because I’m a long term spiritual eclectic, and have witchy stuff in my background, the information was not new to me, but I LOVED how it was presented and it definitely reawakened a part of my spiritual past in a way that felt very delicious.

I started at a very unsettled time in my life although, after listening to Stella’s very musical and soothing voice, I found myself feeling more grounded and centered, and my dreams lit up like fireworks!

Stella's work is high quality, her energy is very warm and soothing, her knowledge is wide and deep, and is shared with such a wonderful sense of openness.

If you are ready to empower your desires and inspirations with magic, ritual and a large dose of stardust this is the program for you. Using the vast number of magical tools and practices that Stella shared expanded my deliberate creations with mystical beauty and fun!

Julie Masters, Colorado, USA