Spiritual Awakening

Getting started on a different path can be daunting… Especially if you don’t know anyone else who feels, sees or thinks the same way.

You can easily become overwhelmed with all there is to learn when it comes to working with the quantum field, celestial guides and experiencing synchronicities related to your desires. You might be worried you will do the wrong thing. The good news is the only thing you really need to know is yourself! It’s all internal. Your thoughts, emotions and energy field affect your reality.

Here you can explore tiny steps to allay your doubts and develop your abilities “properly” without a bunch of special tools and fancy supplies you don’t need.

Who a cosmic lightweaver is, what they do and the way they might feel drawn to perform acts of magick with the celestial realm and creative intelligence of the universe.

What really stops you from having a daily practice, how to start a simple daily practice that fits in with your lifestyle and personality and why sustaining a daily practice is important now, more than ever.

Defining Your Own Path

It can feel daunting to put your thoughts into words about what you believe in but, it doesn't have to be nearly as big a deal. You don't have to be born into a special lineage or initiated by some bigwig. All you need to do at the beginning is follow the draw of magic.

Preparing For Magic

You can begin without complication, using simple processes that don't require fancy tools or ingredients. At first you may not notice earth-shattering results but you will begin to feel shifts here and there, slowly changing and deepening the way you perceive reality.

Use these guided alignment audios to enhance your cosmic connection on a daily basis, quickly and efficiently.
They are the exact processes I use within my consistent spiritual practice to stay grounded while accessing the high vibe spiritual realm.

Calling The Powers

Forget Fleeting Fantasy Fiction Fixes...

Ready to experience spiritual activation & guidance to connect with the everlasting mystical forces of the cosmos so you retain the magic for a lifetime?