Benefits of Meditation |

Find the right style of meditation for your personality and reap these six (or more) benefits.

It is a common misperception amongst those who wish to develop their magick that vast amounts of meditation is necessary.


Another common misperception is that meditation is difficult because you have to sit still and not think about anything, that without a divine experience you haven’t achieved anything or that it is just a means of escape from life.

Meditation as portrayed by most mainstream media makes a lot of people think that they have to sit cross-legged in silence for years to become more deeply spiritual. But you can actually enter a state of meditation in many ways, for example, while doing the dishes, gardening or exercising.


Basically it’s when you are fully present in the moment and aware of your thoughts from heart-space and head-space. A zone or pure beingness where you decide what to place your attention on.


Meditation is simply a form of relaxation where you allow your everyday flurry of thoughts to take a backseat to be able to hear your core Self.

Beneath the layers of the hustle and bustle of daily living to tune in to your inner wisdom, listen to your body, the flow of the matrix and the song of Spirit.


How do you know which activity works best for you?

It’s typically the one where you step out of linear time, receive numerous flashes of insight or one pertinent missing piece to something you have been puzzling over and then find yourself completing the activity upon your “return”.

Go on a trail hike, conquer the elliptical trainer machine, dance, paint or gaze at a fascinating image. Experiment and see what form works best for you.


One of my clients likes to turn the lights out and run on the treadmill, so it’s just her, the air entering and leaving her lungs and the sound of rhythmic footfalls ~ nothing else beyond that singular focus.

My meditation routine shifts with me. At present I like to enter a meditative state for short periods several times throughout the day and then a bit longer at night before sleep rather than for an extended period once a day.


Regular meditation helps you to

1) Preserve connection with Spirit

2) Retain a higher vibratory rate

3) Energise body, mind and soul

4) Stay more fully in the present moment

5) Be more creative and perceptive

6) Demonstrate compassion to others and self-love


Your thoughts trigger emotions of like vibration to what you are thinking, they also lead to corresponding actions or behaviour. You have the ability to choose what you allow into your life, how you shape and redirect your thoughts, what you decide to speak aloud and the way you respond to others.


You carry the sense of stillness and peace from your meditation into everything you say and do.


In essence, you dictate your experience of this world. For this reason cultivating your full I Am presence through a personal form of meditation will serve you well to remain serene, confident and clear in your personal power centre. It’s a bit like hitting “refresh” on your screen that way.


Power Mantra:

Leaning into timeless consciousness I align with my Source-self and claim my power.


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And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.