Truth About Karma |

The truth about Karma ~ in its original context and what it means for you as a modern mystic.

The term “Karma” gets bandied about a lot. The truth is karma refers simply to taking action and by doing so you would achieve a result.

So much so that it has perhaps become a common expression (and explanation) for describing either wayward or fortunate results, without giving the underlying concept any gravity.

“Karma” is most often associated with consequences for your actions, “as you sow so shall you reap” indicating that it is a force that regulates your fate.

However, in its original context it referred to simply taking action and by doing so one would achieve a result.

The consequence in this regard would be the new experience related to your initiative. So it is your behaviour that pre-paves your experience.

Family karma is the long-held beliefs and behavioural patterns you absorb via the cellular memory held in your DNA.

Soul karma is simply the lesson to be learnt or action to be taken to restore a state of wholeness to your being, this can be shared with other souls you choose to incarnate with during various lifetimes, like a theatrical production you play different roles and help each other evolve spiritually.


What This Means For You

It is your belief about karma that keeps you stuck in the same repetitive patterns until you decide to make a change and step out of that particular cycle.

For Example:

• Thinking you can’t establish a happy, healthy romantic relationship because you still have karma to clear.

• Thinking your bank account is perpetually in the red because of past life karma.

• Thinking all of your bad luck in life is due to an ancestral curse (of bad karma) handed down over generations.


To be clear… yes, these reasons do bear some weight, they may be valid hindrances on your path.

However, they are not reasons to keep you stuck.

You have the free will and sovereign power to undo them. At any point in time, when you decide to make it so.

The key is awareness. You notice the pattern, identify the root cause and vanquish it.


By utilising the myriad spiritual tools and techniques available to us. Cut cords, clear outdated soul contracts (agreements, vows and blood pacts etcetera) to absolve any karma that has accumulated throughout the time-space continuum.

You have the right to do this under cosmic law.


Furthermore, it is feasible to acknowledge that what you think about your action i.e. if you judge your behaviour as “good” or “bad” is the lens through which you will perceive your resulting experience.

For example: 

You gossip about a neighbour to your friend on the phone, thinking “ooh I shouldn’t gossip and I feel sorry for her but this is a wickedly juicy story to tell…” and then you stub your toe on the door frame. Ouch! Karma got you!


You are not accumulating points or gold stars for “good behaviour” if you believe that what you are doing is either beneficial or detrimental, so shall you create a vibrational match in your next moment’s experience.

Karma is instant. It is not going to bite you twenty years from now.


Karma is often misrepresented as something to “punish” you for stepping out of line.

➜ The question is, whose line?

➜ And has it been depicted in this way to keep you from taking action that could lead to results others believe themselves unworthy of?

➜ Or that they don’t want you to discover your abilities because then you won’t be subject to their ideology anymore and no longer in their control?


If you are wavering on a decision to take some form of action, in fear of the consequences, here are three questions to ask yourself:

1. Is this response true for me?

2. Do I firmly believe that my behaviour is valid?

3. Does this choice feel good or bad in my gut?

There is no cut and dry cause and effect. Only what you perceive to be so.

You have the ability to see the situation for what it is but you can also see the potential for what it can become.

If you want to cast a spell to seek justice for being wronged, see my articles on tips for curtailing negative side-effects and some justified examples.

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