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What the Lion’s Gate is, why it is a powerful significant energy portal and how to work with this energy.

In ancient Egypt, Sirius was the most important star and its annual heliacal rising (when it emerged from the glow of the Sun to be seen in the morning sky again) occurred just before the Nile flooded during summer so it formed the basis of their calendar system.

The rise of Sirius heralded the planetary new year and a series of galactic portals opening to disperse light keys and codes from Galactic Centre to Earth and all upon her for the next 12 month cycle. Much like your phone receiving an automatic software update from the manufacturer’s server.


Tuning in to this energy with awareness furthers the molecular restructuring and transformational process already occurring. It is a propitious time to formulate clear intentions for the next chapter of your life to “download” insights about your unique path being illuminated at this time.


This streaming cosmic energy lasts from the rise of Sirius in July, and peaks on 8-8 with what is known as the Lion’s Gate portal because the sun is in Leo during this time. The streaming will then gradually taper off in intensity until the portal closes once the sun moves out of Leo and into Virgo.

Atlantis ended during the Age of Leo. As we transition into the Age of Aquarius (the opposite sign of Leo) the Galactic Councils offer us the opportunity to spiral up from the destruction that took place and catapult both humanity and Earth into a higher dimensional consciousness.


It was during the August Harmonic Convergence of 1987 that this acceleration of consciousness began and each year around this time, many more starseeds awaken to re-member who they really are.


That is why we annually experience the end of July through August as a particularly intense energy portal.


The annual 8-8 Lion’s Gate Sirius starlight portal peaks on 8 August and is pouring a wave of fresh light codes into our energy fields for us to utilise and explore (if we choose to do so) for the coming twelve months to further enhance and support our spiritual expansion and the collective evolution of our planet.


This high frequency energy flows directly from Source, through the blue-white light of the star Sirius, via the grid point of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza to ripple throughout the Earth’s grid.


The fixed star Sirius was observed in ancient Africa, China, Greece, Japan, Sumer, North and South America and countless others who considered it significant in one way or another. Located in the constellation Canis Major (the Greater Dog) hence it is often called the Dog Star.

Twenty times brighter than Earth’s sun and twice as large, Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky. Shining mostly a bright blue-white it sometimes sparkles rainbow colours.

8-8 doubles and amplifies the vibration and attributes of the number 8 which include personal power and potential, inner wisdom and manifesting as a result of union, harmony and integrated wholeness with all that is. The image of 8-8 is reminiscent of double infinity symbols, vast and ancient as well as helical human DNA.


While the sun’s warmth keeps life on our planet alive, Sirius is considered to keep our spiritual world alive; it is associated with the “unseen” unsullied spiritual light inherent in all things versus the visible sunlight that illuminates physical creation, which is subject to the lens of perception.

Rising conjunct in the sky for 70 days, Sun (visible physical realm) and Sirius (invisible spiritual realm) energy unite, their qualities doubled and amplified allowing us to weave our most potent magick with aspirations for health, wealth, happiness and good fortune.


It has been postulated that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built in alignment with Sirius and Orion. The King’s Chamber is aligned with Orion while the Queen’s chamber is aligned with while Sirius. In ancient Egypt Orion was associated with Osiris and Sirius with Isis, who together are said to have created humanity.

What we can surmise, is that the starlight was “gathered” and utilised in ceremony where temple priests and priestesses received the light codes and transmitted them through their bodies to the people so that their spiritual abilities may be stimulated in the year to come.


This Lion’s Gate Sirius portal energy supports you in restoring your connection to All That Is, moving beyond past limitation and integrating the incoming light; body, mind, heart and soul.


Lions Gate 88 Sirius Portal Peaks


Use this Lion’s Gate Sirius portal energy for:

• Opening up to multidimensional wisdom and creative inspiration

• Lighting up your DNA to facilitate a personal quantum shift

• Weaving spells of light for health, wealth, happiness and good fortune

• Star magick; charging talismans and elixirs for extra potency

• Retrieving soul fragments and personal power for more fulfilment and flow; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually


The sign of Leo adds the element of fire for a cosmic push, purification and safeguard into change for the better (even if it includes abrupt endings) trust that what unfolds is for your highest good and out of it only positive and productive transformation will come.



Powerful and Magical Guiding Starlight Rites

If you would like to take full advantage of this powerful and magical guiding starlight, I am offering individual Sirius starlight rites from the new moon on August 8th to the full moon in Aquarius on August 22nd where I will be facilitating the illumination and activation of this starlight within your being.

These ritual magick sessions are designed to support and nourish your system to receive higher levels of light as you open to greater cosmic intelligence and create opportunities that take you into a new way of being as you embody more of your true multimensional nature.


You may use these bespoke starlight rites to anchor in any intentions you wish to set for yourself as well as releasing that which no longer serves you. Since the portal peaks during this time, it will be especially potent intention-setting for the next Sirius cycle into 2022.


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