New Year Ritual |

Deliberately craft your year by designing your goals, envisioning and empowering your path forward.

Day 1: A Simple Closing Year Ritual

A simple solo rite to reflect on your own journey these past 12 months.

When we wind down the year we are inclined to revisit our goals and reflect on our achievements as well as disappointments.

We seek to rejuvenate which isn’t always easy since many of us are embroiled in family holiday cycles and stressful patterns that often play out at family and social gatherings. 


Depending on what has occurred during the past year, it may be difficult to let go, you may not want to embrace impending change and the uncertainty associated with it.

Nevertheless, many societies across the globe mark Old/New Year’s Eve as an event where something old ends and something new begins, not just the actual calendar year but within your core you sense stirrings.


The Ritual:

• You will need a notepad (digital or pen and paper)

• Cast sacred space in the way you like, where you will be undisturbed for at least twenty minutes.

• Set the mood with some music, scents of spearmint and rosemary to stimulate your mind and memory and some crystals such as rutilated quartz, citrine, amethyst, brown tourmaline and haematite.


List the following about the year gone by:

✶ 5 things you are grateful for that occurred (can be bad or good in hindsight)

E.G. Changing a flat tyre and being late for that interview but missing the armed robbery that took place when you would have been there

E.G. Having good food on the table all year round


✶ 5 happy moments

E.G. Getting that remarkable new book in the mail

E.G. Reconnecting with a friend you haven’t seen in ten years


✶ 5 behaviours, habits or rituals you broke because they weren’t serving you

E.G. Cut TV viewing down to 3 hours per week

E.G. Saving documents in date order all in one place


✶ 5 poignant moments for release plus your take away lesson for each

E.G. Transition of a loved one ~ don’t hold back, live in the Present Lane

E.G. Not backing up your data and losing it ~ back up when your phone alerts you to!


✶ 5 experiences you want to magnetise into your life in the approaching year and brainstorm 5 ways to make it actionable.

For example, fitness:

1) Eat healthily

2) Move more, start a new activity with Virgo new moon

3) Get an accountability buddy

4) Forgive yourself for neglecting your body

5) Shed emotional weight


For example, finances:

1) Getting clear on the exact number you need to get by

2) Opening a savings account

3) Investing savings in a higher interest option

4) Budgeting to keep track of income and expenses

5) Sowing prosperous intentions with each Taurus moon


When you are done

Give thanks to your Personal Interdimensional Support Team (Angels, Guides, Ancestors etc).

If you wish, place a white candle on your altar and carve the Rune Kenaz into it to symbolise the igniting of your spiritual fire, both in DNA and ancestral form in your body and from the sparkle in your soul.

Add a drop of rose geranium essential oil to the candle, if you have some on hand, and then light the wick. Please check essential oil safety here.


Dedicate the flame by stating something along the lines of:

“To my Spirit Helpers (or your preference) that this year to me have been so kind and brought me peace of mind, I now give thanks for those gifts given and bless each day the sun has arisen.”


Day 2: Release The Past Year

A simple solo rite to release the past year, reclaim any fragmented energy and start fresh from your place of power.

Often the end of a calendar year drives us to look at what we wish to create ahead of us, but based on our past.


We need not look back since that is not where we are going. Yet, at times the past can restrict us from moving forward with ease. 

So, if last year yielded some less than desirable things, take a moment to quietly reflect what you wish to release E.G. unanticipated difficulties, heartache, drama, stress… so that you can proceed untethered.


➜ Breathe deeply and bring yourself to a grounded, centred state. Take your self back to that moment and reflect on how things played out, detaching from any emotional triggers you may be feeling. 


➜ Consider your role in what transpired. Pull in understanding of any other parties involved’s roles at the time. Extract what you can now appreciate from the experience. 


➜ If you are unable to find some lesson learned or wisdom from this, ask your Spirit Helpers (or your preference) to reveal it to you in time. 


➜ If you feel that you erred, forgive yourself for; your behaviour, for allowing whatever happened to occur, for choosing a different tack. 


➜ You are not forever tarnished with a big black mark on your soul. All is expansion and self-forgiveness returns you to balance, restoring your resilience. You didn’t come here to exhibit perfection. You came to learn and experience through flaws fabulously before you return to perfection. 


➜ Then, imagine shining silvery strands of energy emanating from the scene flowing from it toward you as you draw the strands into your energy field. Keep drawing in this silvery energy as it is your power and aspects of Self which you are now reclaiming.


➜ When you feel there is no more to draw back into you, tell your Spirit Helpers that you now sever all ties to the experience forever more and that you wish to discard any stagnant, unclaimed or moribund energy into the Earth for transmutation. 


➜ Repeat as many times as you wish for any number of events from the year past (of course you can go as far back as you like, it depends on you). 


When you are done with all the matters you want to release and have reclaimed all the energy invested. State the following either aloud or in your mind:


“I now release all emotional baggage that no longer serves me,

I am fully and perfectly healed in this moment across all thresholds of time.

It is done. It is done. It is done.”


You can leave an offering of thanks if you so wish. I also highly recommend following up by purifying your energy field to feel leaner, lighter and stronger.


Akashic Realm Healing with the Unicorns

If you like, you can listen to the track below to experience an Akashic Realm Healing with the Unicorns:

Click on the image above or here to listen to the audio


Day 3: Well-crafted Intentions Pave Your Way To Success (in 3 Easy Steps)

Explore how to optimise your odds at attaining your desires.

Whether you seek more health, love, wealth or tranquility, you can apply each of the following steps in distributing your intentions and etherically paving a route for them within the matrix of creation.


Step 1:

Carefully select the phrasing of your request. You want to be clever about this by being specific to what you are actually wanting, yet not limit the potential for something better than you can imagine at this stage.

Example: Shelley wants a Macbook Air. She doesn’t ask for the amount of money required to purchase one because the means is not her true intention. She wants a Macbook Air because it is portable and efficient, unlike her current desktop PC clunking around in 2008 capabilities.

She also doesn’t overdo the specifics by saying she wants a rose gold one with a turquoise airport x-ray safe carry case delivered to her by the third week of May.


Step 2:

Name it to claim it. This adage goes deeper than simply identifying your intention. Immerse your senses in how the end result will feel for you. Yes you would likely feel a burst of excitement at first, but what does the experience bring after that initial feeling? 

Example: Shelley gains a deep sense of satisfaction as she sweeps her fingertips over her Macbook air’s smooth polished surface, packing it into a sleek carry case that fits perfectly in her hand luggage. The gentle “click” as she closes it and the whirr of the zip on her case. 

It has this lovely new smell amidst her familiar travel favourites, she can taste her favourite caramel sweet she always takes with her on flights on the tip her tongue as she walks through the airport with such appreciation for today’s technology. 

It feels so light and her heart is warm with joy from being able to take her work and means of communication with her when she travels. She feels secure in that she won’t have to use a communal computer station at a hotel or internet café and that she has access to her documents and contacts when she needs them.


Step 3:

Let it go. Stop thinking about when it will happen, how it will happen, if it will happen. When you do this you keep tugging the thread of creative essence back to square one, instead of letting it sail along the universe’s energy streams into form.

How do you stop these intrusive thoughts about what you are wanting and excited to experience?

Acknowledge them. In your mind simply say “oh alright then” and just let them pass, in one ear and out the other. Don’t try to answer them or begin to brainstorm all the various avenues it could manifest.

Instead, replace them with open-ended statements like

“I open my heart and awareness to receiving it in the best possible way for me now.”


“However the cosmos sees fit to deliver it to me will be perfect and at precisely the right moment.”


“Thank you for bringing this into my life now.”


➜ Spend today clarifying what it is you truly desire, the feeling that underpins the thing you want is usually your best clue! Keep refining and getting specific on your wording in preparation for Day 4…


Day 4: Cast Your Year Before You

➜ How to wrap up the past and move forward into all the beauty, light and magick that can be (and why you would want to).


Making your way from an old calendar year to a new, there are many practises for taking inventory and releasing as you transition into a new cycle of possibilities.

Whether it be cleaning your home from top to toe, shredding old receipts for recycling or clearing clutter and donating to charity ~ these all take the form of ritual if you do them each year with a specific intention behind them. 


In the past few days you have likely

• Reflected on what came to pass

• Appreciated lessons learnt

• Celebrated achievements


By now you will have crystal clarity about what went well last year, what you want to discard, what you want to improve and what you want to experience more of.


Next it is time to design what you wish to come to pass.

Casting before you is about holding a vision with enough solid focus to allow the strands to begin knitting together for that which you wish to take form.


Why is this important?

Until you commit to a specific direction you would like to take things in an area of your life, there is a hesitancy.

When you resolve to attain a specific result, you create an energy beacon that you emit into the universe like a flashing neon sign with an arrow above your head that reads “This Way!” Your matching vibration is what contains it and so creative essence has a bucket, or dam to fill.


This allows providence (i.e. magick) to flow toward you because your energy beacon is steady and precise like a lighthouse beam. Because of this a stream of opportunities, events and people who have something of value to contribute to your cause are able to cross your threshold of awareness.

One of my favourite ways of committing to my personal goals is putting pen to paper (more on that in Day 6). For me, mind maps in particular because they blend the linear and creative. I get a clear picture of what I feel takes me closer to where I want to be and this gives me a visual yet tangible framework to pump energy into.


I also leave blanks and write incomplete sentences for the map to remain flexible and open-ended so the matrix can fill in the gaps with delightful surprises. This allows room for Spirit and matter to mingle while you take simple mundane action.

Casting before you feels progressive, expansive and real, like a plant taking root in fertile soil ~ not just whimsical thoughts flitting about in your head, prancing about like sunlight bouncing off foliage.


Divining a Message From Spirit 

If you like, you can listen to the track below about how to perform an exercise in divination to see where the light is guiding you as you move from this calendar year into the next.

Click on the image above or here to listen to the audio


Day 5: Bringing Your Creative Vision to Life for the New Year

How to dream up and imagine your ideal life, love and/or business in harmony with your soul. Open up to different possibilities and muse over what that would look like and how it would feel…

Dreaming up a new calendar year and the months to come is a process for me, one that incorporates ethereal and corporeal gestures.


I like to take a breather and gently lean into the feeling of the energy for the year.

To begin, as you did from Day 1 – 3, I start to look at the best of times and the worst of times.

Then I decide what I want to keep from the year gone by, treasuring the happiest, love-filled moments while consciously detaching and letting go of the rest.


Next, I replenish my energy by drawing all the time and attention expended on ventures (personal and professional) that didn’t progress back into my energy body, refilling my “auric cache,” as you did on Day 2 with the Akashic Realm Healing with the Unicorns.


In these two steps I have made room for the new and recharged my energy stores to cultivate anew. Then I start scanning the landscape of the year to be…


What do I want this year to look like when I stand here at the closing in 365 days’ time?

How do I want to shape my lifestyle in a way that matches my dreams and vision for the year?

What do I want to continue doing regarding my specific goals?

What do I want to revisit and experiment with regarding my specific goals?

What have I decided to eliminate from my schedule for good because it no longer matches my desires?


This is a means of gathering what you will take into the new year with you and discarding what no longer serves you to open up to fresh possibilities and cosmic flow.


7 Steps to Unveil Your Heart’s Desires in Sacred Space

1. Choose a time and place where you will be undisturbed for anything from 20 minutes to a few hours. (If you only have the 20 minute option perform step 2 and 4 beforehand).

2. Set up some sensory connections via fragrance, candles and crystals.

3. Invite your personal Interdimensional Support Team (or your preference E.G. guides, guardians, angels, goddesses etc) to witness the birth of your new year’s dreams.

4. Craft a playlist that uplifts and inspires you to listen to Earth, Sky, Heart and Soul while you select stimulating images and positive power words to paste or pin.

Here’s one of my favourites to help you get started.

(Of course if you are more of a cyber-mage go ahead and set up a secret Pinterest board or make a mind movie).

5. Tap into your core essence, sway with the music and let the rhythm of your pulse infuse your vision as it unfolds in tandem with your soul, allowing the vision board to become the centre-point from which you launch your new calendar year ahead.

6. You can continue to add to it as you discover new avenues of muse, innovation and creative vision.

7. Due to its deeply personal nature, you may wish to keep your vision board on the inside of a wardrobe or cabinet door where it is only visible to your gaze.

Or bookmark your secret Pinterest board and set a regular reminder on your phone to visit (perhaps every seven days or so as the lunar phases shift). Alternatively you can set it as digital wallpaper or dedicate a page inside a display file, journal or Book of Shadows.


Start the new year from a place of focus and grace by surveying a map of powerful influences, knowing how to invite sparkling cosmic energy unique to your natural stellar rhythms to support your primary intentions and heartfelt dreams.

You can then build on to this vision board/art journal with the new moon of each month, breaking your goals and dreams into smaller steps that you can take action on and review every 30 days.


Cast Your Wishes Into the Light

If you like, you can listen to the track below for a guided journey that you can follow to cast your wishes for the new calendar year into the light.

Click on the image above or here to listen to the audio


Day 6: Putting Pen To Paper To Unleash Your Wicked Action Plan

Putting pen to paper expresses your will and provides physical evidence that gives you the impetus to mould castles in the air into reality.

You are literally bringing a blank page to life, imbuing it with your creative essence, merging it with the former tree’s life force and crafting your dreams into form.


Why writing by hand is so powerfully magical

When you make time to express your thoughts in physical form as words on paper you indicate your intentions to the universe through actively sowing, cultivating and harvesting your thought-seeds in written form.

Writing engages your multi-dimensional right brain more than typing and lets you channel more of your soul resonance into and across the page. By writing your objectives down you are amplifying your emotions around your desires and boosting the way you envisage them by exploring them in greater detail.


When you write out your goals, you are not just planning your year, you are

• Decluttering your thoughts, opening up to self-awareness

• Organising your stream of attention

• Recording inspirations, insights and ideas to act on

• Highlighting points to pause for appreciation and gratitude

• Setting synchronicity in motion by fusing the physical with the ethereal from head + heart space


The Secret Is

To set out in a simple, easy to read manner with enough room for the universe to steer you in the direction that will serve you, filling in the gaps to your best questions and affirming your journey.

Make it colourful, uplifting and place it somewhere that catches your eye often so that it connects you to your core drives and grounds you enough to pour your creative power into visible results.


Most importantly approach your goals from a place of wholeness within already, don’t squeeze the life out of your dreams by depending on them to make you feel complete.

Mapping out your big goals for each quarter and reducing them into doable daily morsels that take you from “here to there” leaves you feeling less intimidated by what may look like a mammoth task.


Instead this morphs them into loyal minions ~ powerful catalysts of change that not only inspire you to take a new direction or upgrade your way of being in the world but they help you feel good about yourself as you conquer each one at a time!

They call out your highest potential and your ability to make it all happen as you cross them off your to-do list.


On the surface this exercise may appear frivolous but follow through on the manageable tasks you set for yourself and you will be astounded by the results.

When I look back at my plan as the calendar year draws to a close it makes for tangible evidence of my personal expansion and accomplishments ~ a chronicle in which I have recorded all the magick and miracles that occurred throughout the year as little side notes.


Day 7: Make Room For More Spiritual Practice

Make more room for your spirituality and connect on a practical grounded level in daily life.

Schedule a non-negotiable Daily Spiritual Interlude

Decide to spend just five minutes a day doing just one thing that lets you feel more connected. It could be meditating outside before the rest of the household awakens, lighting an ancestral candle on your altar as you prepare or wind down for the day or reading a passage from an uplifting and inspiring book before bed and noting any dreamtime messages upon waking. Set a repeat reminder on your favourite digital device to follow through.


Set a Weekly Spiritual Appointment

Set aside at least an hour or three once a week that is all yours. Get crafty; sew, knit, write, paint, garden, bake, read a novel, have lunch with a Soul Sister, something that is an escape from the daily grind to revitalise your spirits, quieten the noise in your mind and enliven your natural state. Block out this time in your calendar and treat it the same way you would any other set appointment.


Plan a Monthly Spiritual Sanctum

Pick a lunar phase or seasonal turning point to engage in something that stretches your routine. If you usually have five minutes in the tub make it fifteen, if you can normally only spare an hour make it two. Start with a whole morning or afternoon until you can make it an entire day.

Spend some of this time either clearing away etheric debris that no longer serves you to reset your vibration and then focus on weaving and integrating an aura that matches and fuels what you want to experience next.

When in doubt imagine supreme creative intelligence coursing through your veins, until your cells incandesce, then ask yourself what would my highest self have me do?


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Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.