Pleiadean Lineup Star Magick |

Why these dates are significant, how to connect and what you can use the energy of this constellation for.

Millennia ago, an advanced civilisation from the Pleiades star cluster introduced their genetics on planet Earth to observe the evolution of the species and experiment with ways to further spiritual development.


Those who have Pleiadean missions and bloodlines respond to the energy imprint at this time when Earth’s sun is at 25, 26, 27 degrees of Taurus OR Scorpio. That is when Earth is in astronomical alignment with the Pleiades.

What this means is that the Pleiadean activity is heightened. Intensely for three days, twice a year. It is a time when those of us incarnated on Earth with the matching energy imprints can be awakened, those already awake can be empowered, and those who are ready to move forward may start something new at a higher level.


Not everyone will resonate with the energy of this Pleiadean Lineup, but those who have Pleiadean missions and bloodlines will resonate, and many Pleiadean “sleepers” will be strongly drawn and awakened to their path in ways that may seem like their world is turned upside down at first. (Like personal preferences shifting drastically, dietary needs changing, urgent desire to relocate etcetera).

If you resonate, it does not mean your soul essence originates from the Pleiades per se, you may belong to one of many groups who are allies and collaborators in their grand experiment E.G Orion or Antares/Arcturus midway station.


Anchor the Energy of Pleiadean Lineup To:


1) Ask to receive communication from Star People/Galactic/Cosmic Intelligence


2) Bolster your awakening to more of who you truly are. To feel more aligned with your Star Family and starry origins and supported in your divine mission here on planet Earth.


3) Embody more of your higher (deeper) self in your physical body and attune to your multidimensional nature and the cycles of the Universe.


This is a very powerful energy window to work with twice a year, in May and November but it is especially if you know in your heart of hearts that Earth isn’t “home” ~ you just stopped by as a cosmic volunteer to make it a better place through your acts of courage and compassion.


If you are uncertain about being a starseed, a likely indicator is that you sense a strong connection to either all or one of the following civilisations; Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. That is because the energy is imprinted in your DNA.

Other indicators include knowing you don’t “belong” on planet Earth, like you’re an outsider and things are out of sorts, plus feeling an affinity for starry skies.

If you feel this resonating in every fibre of your being, do not miss this opportunity to engage this power-packed cosmic event! (Scroll down for how to make the most of this galactic energy).



How to Make the Most of This Cosmic Window

Set aside some time whether it is just a few minutes or an hour to enter a calm, centred state to connect with this energy available to you for these three days: 16, 17 and 18 May 2024.


✶ Cleanse your crystals and place them out in the sun between 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. midday to re-energise them with the sun rays streaming these potent energies for transformation, magick and heightened collective consciousness.


✶ Consider personal and professional goals in a broader context in terms of the service and impact they will make on the collective. As you prosper, others prosper.


✶ Set positive expectations for how you want a certain situation currently in your life to unfold. You could simply ask to be supported in moving through the circumstances to your goal of healing and/or breakthrough in the best way for all involved.


Spend time outside in the sun, soaking up the sunrays and imagining the light activating your DNA, anchoring your blueprint for this incarnation into the crystalline grid through your earth star chakra (the anchor of your entire chakric system) so every step you take is aided by greater cosmic forces.


✶ Call upon your delineated celestial guardians to enhance your reception and clarity of cosmic guidance in this world to express yourself clearly and powerfully, so that you are heard and understood in your divine mission on the planet.


✶ Ask to receive an infusion of light codes directly from pure Source energy, to be strong and wise in equal measure with temperance and peaceful intention for more grace and beautiful magick to manifest in your daily life.


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