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What is an Esbat? And how to perform a simple full moon ceremony in 13 simple steps.

Important! Please note: Some sources state that the full moon is a time for release. This is serious MISINFORMATION. By simply applying common sense, one can see the moon is at the peak of its light and in no way representative of release (as is the waning moon phase when the light is decreasing in the sky).


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While some practitioners may enjoy using full moon for spell work, I prefer to leverage this energy as a time for:

Meditation, reflection, appreciation, interacting with my Interdimensional Support Team (including ancestors), recharging my energy field and balancing chakras.

I share why below…

At full moon the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the Earth so the moon is in direct opposition to the sun and this is symbolic of the conscious self (represented by the sun) fully illuminating the unconscious (represented by the moon).


What this means is that what was hidden comes to light, things have a way of coming into your awareness and what is repressed in the subconscious (that which we do not want to acknowledge or deal with) more easily rises to the surface.


This makes it an excellent time for vision questing or shamanic journeying and is ideal energy to ask for answers and receive solutions.

You can ask questions like, “Is this what I really want? Where am I blocking myself from getting what I want? How can I shift the energy of X (perceived problem) to be more Y (beneficial/ graceful/ healing/ loving/ harmonious)?”


Basic full moon ritual to make as short (or long) as you like

1) Select one or two crystals that would like to join you. Light a candle, take 3 deep breaths, get into your physical body and feel yourself fully present in your chosen space.

2) Take your favourite scent, this could be an essential oil, perfume or incense and waft or spritz it around, gently inhaling and relishing this aromatic pleasure.

3) Choose a position that is comfy for you, holding a crystal in each hand or one between the palms of both hands or holding it up to your heart centre with your non-dominant hand.

4) Open with a request to your Spirit Helpers and Deeper Self to bless and consecrate your space and to join you in this meeting place between worlds in perfect love and perfect trust.

5) Start with “thank you”, recalling all the people and moments that made an impact on you in the last month. Extract all the goodness and wisdom from these recollections and let them fill you up on the inside.

6) Then you might want to wait a minute and see if someone wants to step forward and communicate with you. You will sense their presence and experience a deep serenity in it. If not, command them to leave or to tone down the energy.

7) If you have a favourite deck of oracle or Tarot cards or a set of Runes, shuffle them and draw two cards or Runes.

• The first to represent your enquiry, “What have I gained since new moon?”

• And the second to represent spirit’s guidance, “What requires release with this approaching waning moon?”

8) Note down any feelings and insights or journal as you see fit.

9) With the sun and moon on opposite sides of the Earth, they create an arc of energy between them over our planet. Tap into the imagery of this shimmering arc overhead and let silvery moonlight and golden sunrays intermingle and filter into your aura.

10) Imbibe the energy and feel your cells illuminate, your spirit elevate and your mind rejuvenate. You can learn more about how to draw down the moon here.

11) Personal Decree:

I now dissolve my former selves,


Beliefs, labels and identities,


That no longer serve me,


As I step into greater relationship,


With my core being,


Nature’s secrets and other dimensions,


I dismiss all self-judgment, shame and guilt.


My soul talents bloom and my light brightens.


I am at peace on all levels and this exudes in,


My personal space and extends to wherever I may go.


12) Conclude your full moon rite by asking your Spirit Helpers and Deeper Self for guidance, inspiration and assistance in a specific matter in your life.


Or if you don’t have anything pressing to address, ask for guidance, inspiration and assistance in your ability to serve a greater purpose through uplifting others, spreading love and just shining your light in a way that is beneficial to all:

“I am ready, show me the way”.


13) Have something to eat and drink to reintegrate with the physical.

When you consistently engage in full moon rites such as the one suggested here, their magick accumulates. I am continually amazed and grateful for how things unfold for me each month and I deeply wish for you to experience this too!


✶ If you can’t do the ritual on the day of the full moon, don’t worry, you can do it the day before or the day after as that is when the energy window is open.

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And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.