How to Benefit From Mercury Retrograde |

Why Mercury retrogrades are experienced differently by each person and positive actions you can take during this time.

Previously, we looked at what Mercury retrograde is. Depending on where Mercury and the sign it is retrograde in is situated in your natal chart is where the retrograde will most affect your life.

Some individuals thrive during these periods, especially if you were born during a Mercury retrograde, it appears to be a natural flow for you. I for one, do most of my writing during Mercury retrogrades.


It is possible to navigate the energy in a positive way by planning ahead, taking the necessary precautions where you know difficulties may ensue and preparing your schedule to accommodate for “Houston, we have a problem” type scenarios.

Such as getting your car serviced before going on a trip, double checking travel arrangements, keeping an eye on additional fees and double-billing errors and actually reading everything on a contract (including the fine print) before you sign it.


For the most part your attitude toward Mercury retrograde is instrumental. If you have experienced a particularly tumultuous one before it is likely to have left a bitter taste in your mouth.

However, we all have different personal cycles so it is important to acknowledge that each retrograde period has a different perspective and offers fresh insights. Thereby avoiding a negative self-fulfilling prophecy from occurring three times a year.


12 Mercury Retrograde Positives

• Update your address book and mailing lists because you tend to go over things and find redundancies

• Systematise folders on your pc, tidy up your inbox

• Organise old files, archive and sort out your personal filing system of receipts, guarantees and papers

• Examine or configure statistics

• Check bank statements and monthly accounts carefully for any possible errors

• Take a moment to double-check figures especially with online transactions

• Sift through that pile of clutter, remove what you need to keep, store, donate and/or recycle the rest

• Re-organise your home or office, update your web presence and social media profiles

• Edit text documents, verify fine print and accuracy. Edit the copy on your website, fix spelling errors, broken links etcetera

• Revise documents, manuscripts, presentations or speeches

• Pay attention to small details that matter at the end of the day

• Read food labels so you are aware of what you are ingesting in the vehicle that houses your spirit


In short, Mercury retrograde is not something to be afraid of that leaves you quivering beneath the duvet with a stash of biscuits until it’s over!


Consider it an imposed time of practical stillness.

That means prepare for communications breakdowns, delays and errors BUT take advantage of the opportunity to hone in on what is not working properly so you can remedy any issues now before they snowball.


If things are puttering along just fine in your neck of the woods perhaps it’s time to revisit a shelved project to see what new inspiration comes to light. Alternatively keep a notebook handy to record off the cuff insights and ideas about new projects that you can start after Mercury has stationed direct.


And last but certainly not least, Mercury retrograde is ideal for introspection and travelling through realms of consciousness ~ as in balancing communication between the right and left hemispheres of your brain.

This enhances your ability to receive your own spiritual guidance and attune to your personal inner psychic abilities to attune to your core truth and purpose. Make time for meditation, reflection, journaling, art, candlelit baths and long walks in nature.

Relax. Revise. Reconnect.


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