Practical Ways to Build a Relationship with the Fae |

If you are drawn to this post it is likely that you have felt an affinity for the faery realm since you were very young; drawing them, talking to them and now you want to reconnect or deepen your relationship with them.

Who and What Is a Fae? Are Faeries Real?

Perhaps you have seen them like imaginary friends, in meditation or in your dreams.

The most common question I am asked is if one is really seeing faery beings when they are not tiny and winged but human sized. The answer is yes.

On the whole, a faery will generally appear in the form each individual’s conceptual framework and cultural filter shapes them to be, as with all other things on this plane.

The smallness is a misconception fundamentally symbolic of the old paradigm diminishing the status of the fae in order to convince the pagans that the only power was the church.

The goddesses whose archetypal influence they could not eradicate were simply morphed into saints instead. Some faerie queens became synonymous with goddesses such as; Maeve, Dana, Cordelia and Aine.


Faeries were “belittled” as it were, made fun of, demonised and ostracised ~ just like the practitioners of the sacred arts like midwifery, herbalism, shamans and astrologers.


As magical creative humans we can relate to the fae realm quite easily because of their more earthy, grounded ancient energy than for example, angelics who don’t take on physical incarnations.

To me the Fae are higher dimensional beings, meaning like us, they are manifestations of spirit that take on a physical form. However we have to be in a state of consciousness that matches their different frequency in order to be able to perceive them because we live in parallel dimensions.

That is why often you will interact with them in your sleep state, in that moment just before waking or when you fully relax and are at peace in a natural setting. With my physical sight I see the as bright flashes, sparkles or orbs. But when I close my eyes in a calm, grounded, centred state I can easily see their form in much more detail.

In my opinion the fae form part of a category referred to as elementals which includes other nature spirits such as; dwarves, undines, salamanders, sylphs, dryads and the overlighting devas. Everything has an overlighting deva that governs its blueprint of creation so each elemental being has their specific purpose to fulfil within the collective.


Mages have physical bodies in this realm with a spiritual counterpart; like the minerals, plants and animals we physically see on this plane. Fae visit our realm in their higher frequency bodies to maintain harmony in nature, protect and assist the minerals, plants and animals.

Fae can also incarnate as humans to carry out missions on the physical Earth plane. Magick makers share a close bond with the elemental realm because we work closely with each other anyway and through many incarnations on Earth.

We were there for each other through thick and thin and once again we collaborate to remind people of the inner power and harmony from within that creates peaceful coexistence.

Ever heard the saying, “healer heal thyself”? Everything occurring on the planet is a mirror of what is going on within the majority of the populations’ consciousness.

It’s not about rescuing others or saving the planet. When the greater volume of people on the planet actively engages their inner power through awareness, self-acceptance and compassion, the world will transform. It’s universal law.


How to Communicate With Faerie (With Practical Examples)

Whether you have been attracted to the fae realm for quite some time or if they have only recently made their presence known to you, you may not quite be sure on how to start building a relationship with them in your life.

This would be beneficial in many ways but foremost for; muse, gaining a lighter perspective on things, engaging more self-love and compassion and to experience more beauty, light and magick in the everyday.

Not only that, but for each human who restores their connection with the elemental realm a greater balance and harmony is restored on Earth.


Some ideas to help you interact with the fae on a more consistent basis

• Pick up rubbish in the local surroundings, on the beach, beside nature trails or in the park with the intention of assisting the fae.

• Greet the elemental beings in your garden and home as well as in areas you visit like other peoples’ homes or areas where you know they are neglected (you can do this telepathically of course)!

• Plant a garden or get involved in community gardens, environmental and sustainable living projects in whichever way suits you. It could be donating time or money, speaking, writing or providing training in these skills.

• Volunteer or offer your area of expertise in support to animal protection, shelter or care.

• Stimulate imagination and awareness of their realm by sharing affirmative stories, relative arts and crafts as well as productions with all ages. Thanks to Walt Disney the elementals were kept alive in our collective consciousness until humankind was ready to reconnect!

• Leave biodegradable gifts of fruit, milk, cinnamon, honey, wine, beer, seed, nuts, pinecones, acorns, feathers or special rocks out for them. Note: The elementals do not eat the food or claim the gift itself, they partake of the essence or life force of the food and the actual offering is left for insect, birds or wildlings to enjoy.

• Deposit intriguing gifts of crystal chips, shiny objects such as glazed marbles or polished glass pebbles for the elementals in secret spaces. (Silver bells and cockle shells anyone)?

• Plant flowers that attract bees and butterflies, take some time to be still and observe the bees, butterflies and birds as they flit about your garden.

• Construct a faerie garden with rocks, figurines, moss, faerie flowers and coves with lots of nooks and crannies.

Host a faery pic-nic with the kiddos; play games, blow bubbles, sing songs, look for treasures, organise some Faery Yoga 🙂

• Encourage your children to maintain their relationship with the Fae and join them in their adventures and play.

• Hang a wind chime in your home to tinkle for them (or for them to tinkle at you)!

• Be completely present in the moment when planting or maintaining your garden. (Take the phone off the hook, switch your phone off and ignore the doorbell, so you will be undisturbed by everyday hustle and bustle).

• Collect or create and display faerie inspired artwork. You can do this digitally with a Pinterest board as well!

• Build a crystal doorway and bridge or pathway for them at the base of a tree. Or add crystals to your potted plants.

• Opt for Earth-friendly beauty products such as soap, shampoo and make-up as well as natural cleaning supplies and use natural forms of pest control.

• Practice good plant spirit etiquette.

• Do a little dance of celebration when wild mushrooms appear in your yard because that means the Fae are here!


How to Invite Faery Into Your Life

How to connect with faery in a way that you protect yourself from the mischievous type of fair folk you hear about in faerie lore and legends, and how to make offerings in return for real faery magic.

First you need to know that faeries are not malicious. The tales of spiteful cursing faeries and trickery are meant to create distrust and discord between our realms.

Thereby further severing our relationship with them, encouraging disconnection from our natural state of human being and relinquishing our personal power.

When fae are mischievous or become particularly rowdy they are alerting you to a disturbance in the environment and natural order of things. Collaborate with them to restore beauty, love, balance and harmony.

Those who get prodded, stung or spooked were probably doing something destructive in faery eyes!

Lastly, if they are meddling with your things and causing some light chaos after you’ve spun some ritual magick, it is because they want you to do something for them in exchange for their blessings on your wishes, reminding you to acknowledge them for their assistance.


Rite to Connect with the Fae Realm

1. Create an indoor or outdoor faery shrine in your garden or home to “formally” invite the fae into your life. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Add items that represent the fae to you and that are meaningful to your unique spiritual practise. This will operate as a portal to link with them as they come and go between realms.


2. Standing before your shrine place 4 stones around you, one in front, behind, to the left and right to represent the four directions and elements. Become aware of your energy being drawn deep into the core of the Earth, pulsing beneath your feet as well as the energy surging in through your crown from the stars.

Draw the energy back up from the earth and through your being so that it exists your crown flowing upward to the stars. Sense the two-way flow of infinite replenishing life force.

Imagine yourself standing in the centre of a crossroads then refine that even further to the centre of creation. So that you find yourself suspended in the very essence of All That Is, where you feel wholly loved and supported on every level.


3. Dedicate the shrine with a decree along the lines of;


“I dedicate this space to the Fae.


Your positive, bountiful energies are most welcome herein perfect love and perfect trust.


I heartily invite you to dwell with us in this place.


Your benevolence and grace are welcome here.


With this shrine I attune to your realm.


With open heart and open mind I am ready and willing


to receive greater understanding and awareness of your ways. I am listening.”


4. Listen if you hear a wind chime tinkle or feel a breeze touch your cheek ~ they will let you know you have been heard in some way even if you don’t notice anything immediately expect a message or clear sign that will confirm your extension to them.

Collect your four stones and pack them away to use with other rituals or add them to your shrine.


5. Leave an offering of fruit, nuts, seeds, water, wine, meade, milk, honey, feathers, special rocks, pinecones, acorns, incense or spices for them as a token of appreciation. You don’t pay or bribe the fae for their assistance ~ a gesture of kindness that stems from gratitude speaks louder than words.

They will not physically consume or carry away your gifts. Rather they imbibe the essence or astral signature of the token and reuse that life force energy in their mission on the planet with the elements, minerals, plants and animals.

OR listen to the 16 minute guided meditation below:


Understanding Fae Messages and How to Work with the Fae

How to understand fairy symbols and work with faery magick after extending the hand of friendship with respect and honour…

Exactly how as a modern mystic do you tap into the Fae realm and how do you find evidence of real connection with them and better understand them? How to notice if something is significant and how to take what you have learnt forward.


You will know that the Fae have responded to your request when:

They displace something on your shrine, working altar or respond with a gift similar to or matching the one you left them.

If you work with crystal grids and you have set an item up to charge you will know it is done when one of the stones pops out of the grid formation. It’s kind of like an oven timer going “ding!” your spell is done 🙂

They also send animal messengers to you like; cats, snakes, spiders, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, hawks, owls, frogs and lizards. Hmmm, nothing mystical about those!

You could also observe their presence like a shimmer in the air, a flash of light, the sun hitting water at just the right angle or glinting off a hummingbird’s wing. Beauty that captures your attention is largely faery communication.


Use Faery Magick Related to Anything That Has to Do With

• The Earth (gardens, vegetables, herbs, organic farming projects, stones, soil, trees, minerals, animal protection, shelter and care).

• Devastation areas ~ send supportive energy to assist the elementals in restoring harmony and balance in the area.

• When you or loved ones are under threat from the elements; wind, rain, snow, earthquake or fire ~ ask the fae to keep all concerned safe.

• Get more grounded (ask the fae to bless your morning green smoothie, forest trail snack and… coffee)!

• Invite the fae to look after your garden and pets while you are away.

• Tell the fae you would like to heal and purify your heart from past wounds and then lie down on the ground outside if you can or lie in a spa bath with candles, crystals, sea salt and an essential oil or herb blend.

• Invite more fun, optimism, joy and laughter into your life by requesting the fae to send you inspiration, entertainment and a boost of enthusiasm.

• Sit out in nature or beside your shrine holding a crystal (rose quartz or moss agate are excellent but any crystal will suffice) or go to sleep with your crystal in your hand after spending time in nature.

• When outside find a focal point to gaze at like a moss patch, tree branches, flowers or the sky and cloud watching – just listening to the fae helps them build their energy and strengthens your connection to them.

• While a shrine provides a physical place to touch base with their energy to visit and communicate you could also construct an astral space in your meditation where you specifically go to access the fae realm for example find yourself walking on a path that takes you to a pond, stone circle or forest.

• Dedicate your dream time to connecting and perhaps supporting the fae in their collective purpose.

• After a full moon rite (especially when you can perform it outside) send any residual energy to the fae. This is like a cosmic hug!

• Build a faery ring with a circle of stones (or pebbles) depending on the size of space you have available. Place items in the centre of the ring you want the faery to charge, enchant or bless.

• At full moon leave a candle or some incense out for the fae and place a bowl of water at the shrine to be infused with faery blessings of health, happiness, prosperity and love. Use that water in enchanted spritzes, floor and window washes or add it to your bath water or scrying bowl.

• If your shrine is outdoors; blow your wishes to the fae in bubbles over their shrine or write your wishes on leaves or brown paper, rolling them up like little scrolls and embedding them in the shrine.

• At the Vernal or Autumnal Equinox or Summer Solstice (Midsummer’s Eve) place a bowl of “scratch patch” tumbled crystal chips out in the moonlight then scatter them around the garden for the fae before dawn.

• I like to drum beside my shrine, invoking the fae into my space, communicating with them and sending them the pure energy of the sound. You could also hum, tone or sing.

• In my personal practise I have found moon in Cancer, Libra or Aquarius most potent for faery magick!

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.